Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The count down begins

Well alright, 30 is nearly here! Yes, I'm still terrified, but that's just how it must be. Instead I'm trying to look past that scary day to a day further down the road. July 15th, 6pm, the start of my vacation. Slowly my document list at work has trimmed down, the last big service plan is tomorrow, and hopefully, it'll be clear sailing after that. 3 weeks off, here I come. No asthma attacks allowed! No stressing over work allowed! The last real vacation I had was, well I don't remeber. Last year I could only take one week due to beeing short staffed, the year before I spent one of my weeks tieing off ends in the seperation than ran off across the border for my last week only to have the opportunity to experience the US health system (best service I ever got in a drop in clinic, but nicely expensive too!). The year before that my vacation was spent dealing with losing a baby and moving all at the same time. The year before that, it was spent moving too, the year before that I stole my mom to come with me and mini eskimo to Washington. I think I spent the whole first week just trying to relax and stop stressing about work (the last week was great, but I didn't want to go back). THe year prior to that I was juggling beeing a new mom and starting into my frst supervisory position (advice, it ain't worth the extra buck, don't go there! You'll be trapped). Hmmm, before that, I'm not to sure, Hard to remember those times.

Well to shorten this whole story, I can't wait for my vacation!