Monday, January 30, 2006

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Work Sleep Work Sleep Work

Never knew I coiuld get to bed so early! Never knew I could consistently get up so early. I've now spent nearly one month working as a Tally in a pipe yard (pipe coating plant). I do know what that now means. I had about 4 1/2 days of training then I was on my own. I had the priveledge of learning with the fastest crew and best loader operator (Clint). I was warned that he doesn't like to be slowed down by trainees and that he'd made every other new tally girl cry. I was also told that no one wants to work with him and that every once in awhile I'd likely have to just tell him to @#$$*& off. No, I have not used those words, nor should I need to. This guy is fast and good at loading trucks, he knows what he's doing, wants to get it all done with no fooling around. As well, because he's good you don't have to worry about a pipe shooting off his forks at your head! (unlike a couple others!) Friday of my first week with this crew, the regular tally had a day off so it was all me. We were over booked with big loads all day. I worked from 6 am till 6 pm (right throught lunch) with one 2minute pit stop. I quite litterally ran my butt off. At the end of the day big bad Clint, who hadn't said two words to me all week (let alone crack a smile), said "You done good today, look forward to a busy winter, you'll be on crew 1!" When the regular gal came back on Monday she was bumped to Crew 2! I've now spent 3 weeks working on crew !, the only crew to get all their loads done in a day, every day, and pick up for other crews that are falling behind. Thus far I actually enjoy my job (thanks to the mild winter), and big bad Clint is playing jokes on me every day. Sadly I lost my experienced swamper (the guy that pilots the trucks in and get on the back to guide the loader in with the pipe) and know I'm having to tell all these replacements how to do their job! Oh well. In my big quilted coveralls and my hard hat, they all think I'm somewhere between 19 and 23 ears old. When I told one guy I was 30 (his age), he nicely stopped calling me Sweet Pea!

Well I must go, I actually got off early and caught a nap today but I must be back again by 6am so ciao..