Monday, November 19, 2007

Report Cards

Gotta love that time of year! Report cards, Parent teacher interviews. Thomas has been having problems with school since grade one. The teachers he has had haven't helped much. Instead Thomas often ended up piled with extra practice work on top of assignments sent home to be finished. For a child that takes 45 minutes to finish a page any other student could do in 15, Thomas had pretty much written school off by Christmas of grade 2. This year he was shuffled out of his regular group away from the boys that often lure him into trouble. He's also in a class with a wonderful teacher that has taken the time to figure him out and give him credit and praise for all he knows but has difficulty showing due to learning delays in reading and writing. Thanks to some patience, understanding, and compassion, Thomas no longer fights going to school, And I no longer feel like I have to fight for his needs to be seen and heard. This teacher has been a true gift, now if only I could convince her to do grade four next year too!