Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Season is here!

Walked into a store tonight with Brian (first chance to look at gift ideas alone!) and the first thing I saw was a sign stating that there were only 12 days left till Christmas. Wow! It always amazes me how many people are actually ready by now and I'm usually just starting my Christmas shopping. Somehow it all comes together by Christmas Eve. It took a sudden blizzard yesterday to put me into Christmas mode. Sadly, due to the blizzard, Brian missed Mikayla's Christmas concert. We picked Thomas up early from school and were all packed up for the 1 hour trip up the highway with extra time to drive slow in the blowing wind and snow. But the conditions were just right to ice over the highway. After 10 minutes, a few fishtails on the highway, and an accident just up ahead, it was time to give up and head home.

I can hardly keep Brian away from Christmas decorations, and I keep finding more and more things that "the kids would just love"! Yet I have nothing for little Roger! One thing I'm forgetting, wrapping paper! Tonight I thought I'd put some presents under the tree. I'm certain though, once I buy more paper, I'll find a whole stash packed away from last year, year before.......

For the first time we managed to fill our Operation Christmas Child boxes. Thomas was amazed to learn he just had to pick out items he would love and that the box would get to another boy just like him. Of course, I under estimated the shoe box capacity and we filled 4 instead of two. Aside from my shoes no longer having a home, I guess we made up for missing out last year (and the year before....). Thomas is still trying to figure out if Santa is real or not, but he does seem to have a firm understanding that Christmas is about giving and Jesus' birthday. I am just enjoying the fact that I have a family to share Christmas with.