Thursday, December 29, 2005

Behind the Times

While all are updating on Christmas, I'm still on halloween. We took the kids to a dance Brian DJ'd for the Cadets. They had a blast.

Who knew spider man could do a waltz!

And I haven't seen any other pirates doing the bird dance these days!

Look at that mug! That's the man I'm going to marry!

But hey, does any family look more functional than this!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Life Changes

Well, to give a bit of a life update........The big polar bear said my temporary middle management penguin cover off position was coming to an end. Quite unexpected due to the fact all my lower penguins were brand new to my fishing hole and my fish were still getting used to them. But hey. This Eskimo don't get to make the big smart decisions. So they had other fishing holes for me to tend as a regular lower scale peguin and would be reducing the amount of bacon I got to bring home each month as well. They were going to let me take some of my special fish with me (and probrably let me still do all the extra work). But instead I said "NO Thanks"! Can't survive on any less bacon than I already earn (and yet all north pole subsidies say I make too much to apply for help). I will now be working with pipe instead of fish. Instead of beeing a penguin I'll be a grunt and work with other Grunts that have less education (including highschool), less dependable work ethic, yet have always made more money than me. SO no more. I'll take the job that gives me a weekly bonus just for showing up for each shift (sounds like rocket science!) and I'll make twice as much per month doing it. Too bad I live at the North Pole were it gets really cold working outside!

But hey, I'll be able to bring home the bacon now (enough to feed me and mini Eskimo each month)!

Wish me luck, I'll be a tally person for the pipe and I have yet to know what that means!

Friday, December 02, 2005



Now we've got the wedding/dinner/dancing all up at the Moose! Yes there are hot showers and wash rooms and I can just see everyone kicking me out of my cabin so they can get ready for the wedding. And yes, everyone is coming, so if you don't make it, you're missing out. I will have everything booked for the night of June 29th till the morning of July 4th. Let me know how long you will be staying so I can make changes. We have the whole week to stay but won't stay up the Moose if everyone is gone. The dinner is not a formal occasion, the dancing will be a blast! Our "little" family wedding will likely have 40-60 people, the majority of whom are my long lost family that I miss terribly, can't wait to see, can't wait to get to know Brian, and I'm giving up any honeymoon time so I don't lose out on family time! The person coming from the furthest away will be Jon (Taiwan) so no one else can use a "it's too far" excuse. My best woman is a single mother of 5 who will be coming with atleast 3 of the five kids, so that excuse is takin as well. As far as all the other ones you come up with, well, "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to".