Saturday, July 23, 2005


Well, strangley I've just completed the first week of my 3 weeks of vacation. I've woken up atleast twice feeling like I'd spent all night at work (the brain just hasn't quit dreaming about it yet, or would that mean nightmares?). Taken mini eskimo for some dental work (it didn't find that too much fun). I 've cleaned the whole house inside and out (actually I'm still finishing, always finishing, never ending). I've gotten caught up on all my bills and left over errands(still need to take in the recycling though). Well the good thing in all this though is that we had the chance to play host to my long lost little bro Jon. Did some interesting cooking with him around(vegetarian), thought it would be the healthiest week ever, turns out there's lots of junk he can still eat too! Mini eskimo said he's been missing Turner Grandma and Turner Grandpa. Good thing we'll be seeing them next.


Monday, July 11, 2005

Dancing the night away!

Well, 2 weeks into the thirties and I can still dance the night away. I think my favorite activity now is helping the wedding singer DJ dances and keep the party going. Help lug lights and speakers and such and get paid by picking out your favorite songs and having a partner to dance with (or at least try and teach this eskimo how to dance!). Strangely this is something I never had the chance to do growing up. Frankly though, I think these dances with a partner who can truly dance (and teach me) are much more fun than any old quirky school dance would've been.

Well I must go, find out what kinda mischief mini eskimo is getting into.