Thursday, December 29, 2005

Behind the Times

While all are updating on Christmas, I'm still on halloween. We took the kids to a dance Brian DJ'd for the Cadets. They had a blast.

Who knew spider man could do a waltz!

And I haven't seen any other pirates doing the bird dance these days!

Look at that mug! That's the man I'm going to marry!

But hey, does any family look more functional than this!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Life Changes

Well, to give a bit of a life update........The big polar bear said my temporary middle management penguin cover off position was coming to an end. Quite unexpected due to the fact all my lower penguins were brand new to my fishing hole and my fish were still getting used to them. But hey. This Eskimo don't get to make the big smart decisions. So they had other fishing holes for me to tend as a regular lower scale peguin and would be reducing the amount of bacon I got to bring home each month as well. They were going to let me take some of my special fish with me (and probrably let me still do all the extra work). But instead I said "NO Thanks"! Can't survive on any less bacon than I already earn (and yet all north pole subsidies say I make too much to apply for help). I will now be working with pipe instead of fish. Instead of beeing a penguin I'll be a grunt and work with other Grunts that have less education (including highschool), less dependable work ethic, yet have always made more money than me. SO no more. I'll take the job that gives me a weekly bonus just for showing up for each shift (sounds like rocket science!) and I'll make twice as much per month doing it. Too bad I live at the North Pole were it gets really cold working outside!

But hey, I'll be able to bring home the bacon now (enough to feed me and mini Eskimo each month)!

Wish me luck, I'll be a tally person for the pipe and I have yet to know what that means!

Friday, December 02, 2005



Now we've got the wedding/dinner/dancing all up at the Moose! Yes there are hot showers and wash rooms and I can just see everyone kicking me out of my cabin so they can get ready for the wedding. And yes, everyone is coming, so if you don't make it, you're missing out. I will have everything booked for the night of June 29th till the morning of July 4th. Let me know how long you will be staying so I can make changes. We have the whole week to stay but won't stay up the Moose if everyone is gone. The dinner is not a formal occasion, the dancing will be a blast! Our "little" family wedding will likely have 40-60 people, the majority of whom are my long lost family that I miss terribly, can't wait to see, can't wait to get to know Brian, and I'm giving up any honeymoon time so I don't lose out on family time! The person coming from the furthest away will be Jon (Taiwan) so no one else can use a "it's too far" excuse. My best woman is a single mother of 5 who will be coming with atleast 3 of the five kids, so that excuse is takin as well. As far as all the other ones you come up with, well, "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to".

Monday, November 14, 2005

The Wedding!

Alrighty Alrighty! I'm back to give all the details

July 1st, 2006
Penticton, British Columbia, Canada
Aunty Marie's yard or Lost Moose Lodge (not certain yet)
Outdoor wedding
Casual attire (but no speedos!)
Bring your lawn/camping chair if you want a seat
Pastor Ed Turner Officiating
Bride :Suzanne Turner
Groom: Brian Dumont
Best Man: Ken Myers
Best Woman: Deb Lee
Flower girl: Mikayla (daugter of the Groom) with her requested "tiara"
Ring Bearer: Thomas (son of the Bride with his requested red pillow (wedding not allowed if he couldn't be ring bearer!)
Invited : All Family and close friends (whoever can make it mostly!)
Special music byBrian Dumont
Supper 7pm: by Betty Dumont (Mother of the groom) and Aunty Marie (Aunty of the Groom)
Dance 8pm: Brian Dumont DJ services (requests can be made via email to the Bride for censorship)
There will be no bar or drinks served! The smith clan is wacky enough without it!
Accomodations: Lost Moose Resort, camping is $15 per day per site, there are washrooms and hot showers and a restaurant. There are 3 cabins available $99/night or 4 nights for the price of 3. I will reserve as much as possible but can't afford to pick up the tab! The Bride and groom and kids along with his/her immediate family will be around for the week. Everyone else is welcome to stay and vacation as well. We will all be a short drive to the beach but a nice distance from the crowd

The Bride is atempting to call everyone, without much success, so do call and let her know if you will be attending and for how long so she can book the accomodations. We are all very excited to see everyone

P.S The Groom's family respects the fact that he, his Bride, and his Bride's family, do not drink.
The Groom and his Bride also respect the fact that the Groom's family is accustomed to an evening drink and that they may have a glass of wine on their dime. The Bride and Groom ask that all those attending be respectful of these facts.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Meet my Fiance

He can build sandcastles
Take me out for "virgin" drinks
Help clean up after the kids
Keep two kids under tow
And keep a smile all day long

Turner Clan

Twins do as twins do

While dad does as he does best

Grandma and her crew

Grandma Sandwich

It was great to see grandma again.

Friday, August 19, 2005

The future's looking bright

Alright, SO I'll admit it. This Little Eskimo is falling for this here Wedding Singer. Strange combo, new to me atleast. He cooks, does house work, yard work, takes me dancing, cares,......I must be crazy.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Relaxation at last

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I'm just thankfull for the peace and quiet.

Fun at the beach

We went to the beach 6 days in a row, 3 different beaches. My son could never get enough. After 5 hours he'd still say "but I'm not done yet"

Mini eskimo and Mikayla catch a bear

Thomas's best buddies during our stay in Penticton BC. THe dog was named bear, he was as much of a character as Thomas.

Saturday, July 23, 2005


Well, strangley I've just completed the first week of my 3 weeks of vacation. I've woken up atleast twice feeling like I'd spent all night at work (the brain just hasn't quit dreaming about it yet, or would that mean nightmares?). Taken mini eskimo for some dental work (it didn't find that too much fun). I 've cleaned the whole house inside and out (actually I'm still finishing, always finishing, never ending). I've gotten caught up on all my bills and left over errands(still need to take in the recycling though). Well the good thing in all this though is that we had the chance to play host to my long lost little bro Jon. Did some interesting cooking with him around(vegetarian), thought it would be the healthiest week ever, turns out there's lots of junk he can still eat too! Mini eskimo said he's been missing Turner Grandma and Turner Grandpa. Good thing we'll be seeing them next.


Monday, July 11, 2005

Dancing the night away!

Well, 2 weeks into the thirties and I can still dance the night away. I think my favorite activity now is helping the wedding singer DJ dances and keep the party going. Help lug lights and speakers and such and get paid by picking out your favorite songs and having a partner to dance with (or at least try and teach this eskimo how to dance!). Strangely this is something I never had the chance to do growing up. Frankly though, I think these dances with a partner who can truly dance (and teach me) are much more fun than any old quirky school dance would've been.

Well I must go, find out what kinda mischief mini eskimo is getting into.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The count down begins

Well alright, 30 is nearly here! Yes, I'm still terrified, but that's just how it must be. Instead I'm trying to look past that scary day to a day further down the road. July 15th, 6pm, the start of my vacation. Slowly my document list at work has trimmed down, the last big service plan is tomorrow, and hopefully, it'll be clear sailing after that. 3 weeks off, here I come. No asthma attacks allowed! No stressing over work allowed! The last real vacation I had was, well I don't remeber. Last year I could only take one week due to beeing short staffed, the year before I spent one of my weeks tieing off ends in the seperation than ran off across the border for my last week only to have the opportunity to experience the US health system (best service I ever got in a drop in clinic, but nicely expensive too!). The year before that my vacation was spent dealing with losing a baby and moving all at the same time. The year before that, it was spent moving too, the year before that I stole my mom to come with me and mini eskimo to Washington. I think I spent the whole first week just trying to relax and stop stressing about work (the last week was great, but I didn't want to go back). THe year prior to that I was juggling beeing a new mom and starting into my frst supervisory position (advice, it ain't worth the extra buck, don't go there! You'll be trapped). Hmmm, before that, I'm not to sure, Hard to remember those times.

Well to shorten this whole story, I can't wait for my vacation!

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

One last month at twenty something

Well here goes. In exactly one month I have no choice but to join the ranks of the thirty somethings. Well, I'm not sure I'm ready for this but I seem to have no choice in the matter. It would be nice if life could just pause for a moment while I collect my thoughts on the passing twenties, seems I should be having some kind of reflection back, out with the old goals (2kids by 30, 10yr anniversary, established home, home with the kids) and in with the new (?????). Well, while I'm wishing I could have time to think......I'm sitting here at work, midnight, covering (quite suddenly) a sleepover shift, (barely had time to run through some quick mini eskimo instructions for the gracious wedding singer who sprang to the rescue and is eskimo sitting for the night), after running late to pick up mini eskimo..get fish for the igloo...stick mini eskimo in the wash tub, then in the morning I'll be running off to mini eskimo's school to be snack mom (very suddenly also, thought he was done that for the year) and then running back to work to finish off the day. When is it a person is suppose to think? Right now I'm wasting away the few hours I have for sleeping by updating this blog so I think I'll stop blabbing and hit the sack.

Good night

Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Sun is Rising

Well, seems to take me time to get back to this blog. Mini Eskimo and I are settling into our new igloo, thanks to a lot of help from that there Wedding Singer. That mini Eskimo of mine decided to come down with tonsilitis the weekend we moved. Every time I turned around though, another room majically unpacked. There are benefits to living in the same city as the famous Wedding Singer. Everything got icier at the old fishing whole before it started to calm down. Things appear to be thawing out now and I'm counting the days to my big break, 3 weeks holiday time. I'm plenty tired of not taking the time that's coming to me, so ready or not, July 18th I ain't fishing for 3 whole weeks.

Well I'm kinda borrowing mister Wedding Singer's internet connection right now while he's stuck frying all the fish for a nice supper. Sounds like it's almost ready, time to go lend a hand and look helpful jsut on time for some good cooking (my kinda cooking is popping a frozen pizza in the oven, he says I real good at that but I guess he's hoping for real food tonight). It's always good to keep people around that can fill in for your weak spots!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Life in a snow drift

Well hello again. Sorry I've been away for so long. I've been trying to dig myself out of the snow and back into life again. My great new dog sled hit (and I mean dukes of hazzard hit/jumped) a rock hard snow drift just over a week ago. All us eskimo's were just fine but the drift took out my front bumper and did some major damage to my airconditioning (so I'm told). 2 days later I drove my sled slowly into the ditch. A major snowfall smoothed over the country roads so between the snow/the sun/and the haze, there wasn't much chance to see the road. Meanwhile, the same week at work- Monday I got flowers from the big polar bear for tending to all the fishing lines that have been overdue, Wednesday Mini Eskimo was sick and needing to stay in the igloo, Thursday Mister polar bear gave me a snarly list of fishing lines that must be taken care of IMMEDIATELY, Friday was the first day of a four day break(actually the first day of packing and packing and packing, one week to moving day)! I'm still waiting for life to slow daown and wait for me. Meanwhile, one way or the other, I will be moved to Camrose by April 1st, completed one of 4 major service plans(big stuff at work) by the 8th, have my taxes done by the 15th, and have my sled fixed somewhere in between.

So, I best get back to work

Saturday, February 26, 2005

And the secret is out

Alrighty alrighty. Just give me a sec to warm my toes. Tis been a bit empty round our little igloo the last couple years (yes really that long). Lately we've had a nice visitor every so often. He'd be my signing Eskimo. He shows up on occasion to clean my igloo, shovel around the dog sled, and even take it for a wash. In return I get to come along and listen to him sing and help him Dj dances and such. Yep i get to dance now! Shhhh, don't tell dat wascally wabbit or elmer Fudd. Well I must get back to my work so y'all can chew on that blubber for awhile.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Daylight on the Horizon

Well this little eskimo is starting to see light at the end of the igloo. An old eskimo friend has come to my rescue and is helping to transplant me and mini eskimo to Camrose. He's into igloo investments and is happy to give me a great trading deal between my igloo and one he's just aquired in Camrose. Unfortunately Mr. Penguin is a bit ticked at me for taking my igloo off his list. Should be in town and ending this dog sled commute by April 1st. I'm also starting my new position at fishing hole 10 this Tuesday. I've finally managed to figure out how to balance fishing holes 10 (mid range polar bear), 10(just one of the sled dogs), 11. And mini eskimo's grandma moore came through as his mother hen for 2 days a week. Seems to be coming together. Well I'm going to catch some zzzzzz so I'll chat with y'all later.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Heading for a melt down

Well alrighty, time for another update. Nearly lost it on Mr. Polar Bear Wednesday. They want to gove me a new fishing hole and add numerous extra poles for me to man without giving me any more time in the day to get the job done, or even any extra fishes to take home. I was willing to give it a try at one point (as my new fishing hole was supposed to be a breeze), then I discovered others were getting less poles to man and more daylinght to do it in!!!!! I litterally told a supervisor that "this sucks", and then began to start a rant on the fact that I don't need to be getting big over time hours (can't plan that around mini-eskimo) and have no more pay at the end of the month as I can only take it in time off. Now how are you supposed to take time off when you never haave enough time to get all the work done????? Strangely my roars quickly changed my "Coordinator" time slot from 20hours per week to 30 hours. Now I suddenly have to balance out the fact that I've committed myself to other fishing holes already to make up for the missing time on the pay check. Confusing? Yes. I've managed to overbook myself through different positions at work. AHHH! careful what you wish for comes to mind. Meanwhile I've had two supposedly solid deals on my igloo melt away. My contract with MR Penguin was scheduled to end tomorrow (Sunday), and he was pushing for me to accept one last deal. Which would mean have to trust some stranger from further south (he's bankrupt!) to assume my mortgage. Full Price offer and it still has to be complicated. Yes I did say no no no no no. AND NO to anymore time with that there silly penguin. I do have one possible backdoor to selling my igloo and sliding into Camrose. We'll see how it all ends. Meanwhile I'm attempting to find a trustworthy mother hen to watch my mini eskimo while I go fishing for more hours than expected. Sadly it's tough to find much more than wolves in sheeps clothing. The good mother hens are always booked up. What to do What to do. Now that I've written and book of goobly goop I'm going to hit the hay as I am being paid to sleep right now but soon I will be back on awake time. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Just thawed out and back to the deep freeze

So this little eskimo is still alive and kicking. Wishing I could be kicking the penguin I'm paying to sell my cozy igloo. Wishing I could be kicking the big bad polar bear that's kept me meandering in the cold for 2 1/2 months now. Waiting to hear from my penguin to see if the offer on my igloo is going to stick. The last one fell through the roof. Everyone wants to rob me of my loveable abode. Mr Polar bear finally secured a fishing hole at work for me, but shhhhhh, it's still all confidential till Monday (as if no one could figure things out). Sadly mr polar bear forgets that my mini eskimo comes first and therefore I must be home before sundown. My trip with mini eskimo to the north pole was great. Lots of carrots from dat wascally wabbit, Elmer Fudd even shared his ice box.

Sorry I've chatted so little. Mr Polar bear doesn't like it when I use his computer in the office. Once I get to supervise another fishing hole it'll be easier to keep up.