Monday, November 14, 2005

The Wedding!

Alrighty Alrighty! I'm back to give all the details

July 1st, 2006
Penticton, British Columbia, Canada
Aunty Marie's yard or Lost Moose Lodge (not certain yet)
Outdoor wedding
Casual attire (but no speedos!)
Bring your lawn/camping chair if you want a seat
Pastor Ed Turner Officiating
Bride :Suzanne Turner
Groom: Brian Dumont
Best Man: Ken Myers
Best Woman: Deb Lee
Flower girl: Mikayla (daugter of the Groom) with her requested "tiara"
Ring Bearer: Thomas (son of the Bride with his requested red pillow (wedding not allowed if he couldn't be ring bearer!)
Invited : All Family and close friends (whoever can make it mostly!)
Special music byBrian Dumont
Supper 7pm: by Betty Dumont (Mother of the groom) and Aunty Marie (Aunty of the Groom)
Dance 8pm: Brian Dumont DJ services (requests can be made via email to the Bride for censorship)
There will be no bar or drinks served! The smith clan is wacky enough without it!
Accomodations: Lost Moose Resort, camping is $15 per day per site, there are washrooms and hot showers and a restaurant. There are 3 cabins available $99/night or 4 nights for the price of 3. I will reserve as much as possible but can't afford to pick up the tab! The Bride and groom and kids along with his/her immediate family will be around for the week. Everyone else is welcome to stay and vacation as well. We will all be a short drive to the beach but a nice distance from the crowd

The Bride is atempting to call everyone, without much success, so do call and let her know if you will be attending and for how long so she can book the accomodations. We are all very excited to see everyone

P.S The Groom's family respects the fact that he, his Bride, and his Bride's family, do not drink.
The Groom and his Bride also respect the fact that the Groom's family is accustomed to an evening drink and that they may have a glass of wine on their dime. The Bride and Groom ask that all those attending be respectful of these facts.