Saturday, February 26, 2005

And the secret is out

Alrighty alrighty. Just give me a sec to warm my toes. Tis been a bit empty round our little igloo the last couple years (yes really that long). Lately we've had a nice visitor every so often. He'd be my signing Eskimo. He shows up on occasion to clean my igloo, shovel around the dog sled, and even take it for a wash. In return I get to come along and listen to him sing and help him Dj dances and such. Yep i get to dance now! Shhhh, don't tell dat wascally wabbit or elmer Fudd. Well I must get back to my work so y'all can chew on that blubber for awhile.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Daylight on the Horizon

Well this little eskimo is starting to see light at the end of the igloo. An old eskimo friend has come to my rescue and is helping to transplant me and mini eskimo to Camrose. He's into igloo investments and is happy to give me a great trading deal between my igloo and one he's just aquired in Camrose. Unfortunately Mr. Penguin is a bit ticked at me for taking my igloo off his list. Should be in town and ending this dog sled commute by April 1st. I'm also starting my new position at fishing hole 10 this Tuesday. I've finally managed to figure out how to balance fishing holes 10 (mid range polar bear), 10(just one of the sled dogs), 11. And mini eskimo's grandma moore came through as his mother hen for 2 days a week. Seems to be coming together. Well I'm going to catch some zzzzzz so I'll chat with y'all later.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Heading for a melt down

Well alrighty, time for another update. Nearly lost it on Mr. Polar Bear Wednesday. They want to gove me a new fishing hole and add numerous extra poles for me to man without giving me any more time in the day to get the job done, or even any extra fishes to take home. I was willing to give it a try at one point (as my new fishing hole was supposed to be a breeze), then I discovered others were getting less poles to man and more daylinght to do it in!!!!! I litterally told a supervisor that "this sucks", and then began to start a rant on the fact that I don't need to be getting big over time hours (can't plan that around mini-eskimo) and have no more pay at the end of the month as I can only take it in time off. Now how are you supposed to take time off when you never haave enough time to get all the work done????? Strangely my roars quickly changed my "Coordinator" time slot from 20hours per week to 30 hours. Now I suddenly have to balance out the fact that I've committed myself to other fishing holes already to make up for the missing time on the pay check. Confusing? Yes. I've managed to overbook myself through different positions at work. AHHH! careful what you wish for comes to mind. Meanwhile I've had two supposedly solid deals on my igloo melt away. My contract with MR Penguin was scheduled to end tomorrow (Sunday), and he was pushing for me to accept one last deal. Which would mean have to trust some stranger from further south (he's bankrupt!) to assume my mortgage. Full Price offer and it still has to be complicated. Yes I did say no no no no no. AND NO to anymore time with that there silly penguin. I do have one possible backdoor to selling my igloo and sliding into Camrose. We'll see how it all ends. Meanwhile I'm attempting to find a trustworthy mother hen to watch my mini eskimo while I go fishing for more hours than expected. Sadly it's tough to find much more than wolves in sheeps clothing. The good mother hens are always booked up. What to do What to do. Now that I've written and book of goobly goop I'm going to hit the hay as I am being paid to sleep right now but soon I will be back on awake time. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Just thawed out and back to the deep freeze

So this little eskimo is still alive and kicking. Wishing I could be kicking the penguin I'm paying to sell my cozy igloo. Wishing I could be kicking the big bad polar bear that's kept me meandering in the cold for 2 1/2 months now. Waiting to hear from my penguin to see if the offer on my igloo is going to stick. The last one fell through the roof. Everyone wants to rob me of my loveable abode. Mr Polar bear finally secured a fishing hole at work for me, but shhhhhh, it's still all confidential till Monday (as if no one could figure things out). Sadly mr polar bear forgets that my mini eskimo comes first and therefore I must be home before sundown. My trip with mini eskimo to the north pole was great. Lots of carrots from dat wascally wabbit, Elmer Fudd even shared his ice box.

Sorry I've chatted so little. Mr Polar bear doesn't like it when I use his computer in the office. Once I get to supervise another fishing hole it'll be easier to keep up.