Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Home for the holidays

Well, not only did our sled make it up north, we made it nearly an hour sooner than expected. Mini eskimo was really excited and even had time to stick the carrots under the tree before Elmer Fudd arrived. Dat Wabbit was still at work earning more carrots (actually spoending more than she was earning I think). Dat Wabbit also spoiled this little eskimo. Had a day at the spa I think. Soaked, massaged these hard working feet. Scared mini eskimo with a green face mask, and shorn the winter fur off my legs (hope I can keep warm when I get back to my igloo. A day of pampering was just what the medicine man ordered. Now I need to find someone to wash and wax my sled. Already fed the dogs (they cost nearly ten cents more a litre up here). Well sounds like it's singing time at Wabbit's house, gotta go

Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas is here and I'm outta fish!

Well, looks like we made it. I'm now officially on vacation. Going to try and see where my head last took off too, about a month ago. Got a mid week visit with my mini eskimo. Thankgoodness, my hugs and kisses supplies were running low. He's bag with his daddy but will come back to the igloo for Boxing Day. Then it's off on the sled up to them (supposedly) wiser eskimos up north. Think they go by Elmer Fudd and Wascally Wabbit (don't sound like they get wiser with age to me!). Gotta couple fishes left to feed the dogs pulling us north, just enough, hope their appetites haven't inflated. Can't wait for the trip. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all you out there. I gotta go pack the sled.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Christmas in the igloo

Well, just dropped off my mini eskimo at his daddy's fishing hole. It's going to be a long cold stretch through Christmas with one less cuddly little buy in the igloo. But mommy eskimo is looking forward to picking up her baby agin in time to mush the dog sled up north to see that wascally wabbit and elmer fudd for a second Christmas. Unfortunately this fishing hole will be all dried up for this little eskimo. Not certain what the new year will bring. Waiting for the big boss polar bear to give me another pole with hopefully a new hole to fish in. Under lots of good old eskimo stress. This eskimo don't like playing these wait and see games. The wolves still come to the door looking for their cut of the fish I bring home. Might have to take matters into my own hands and find another spot to fish. Or maybe I could take up a new skill building igloos.

Gotta go, gotta nother fish on the line

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

My mini eskimo

My little eskimo was a king today in his play. He showed everyone the way by poiting to a star. I wanted to throw some fishes every once and awhile so he'd sit still for 5 seconds though. But he's definately a cutie (must get that from momy eskimo). He keeps talking about going to see dat wascally wabbit and elmer fudd. I'm certain a trip to to kentucky would warm his ears too. We got to see lots of "riendeer" today (as he calls them) trotting through town. He can't wait to tell them others all about it


The big polar bear's coming soon, gotta get back to my fishing pole.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

One from the Little Eskimo

Howdy y'all,

This little eskimo thought she'd give this a try. Please be patient with her, she doesn't always have time to get to an internet igloo. And the polar bear she works for gets real growly at the fishing hole if she's not manning the pole.

Must go now, got a fish on the line