Tuesday, May 31, 2005

One last month at twenty something

Well here goes. In exactly one month I have no choice but to join the ranks of the thirty somethings. Well, I'm not sure I'm ready for this but I seem to have no choice in the matter. It would be nice if life could just pause for a moment while I collect my thoughts on the passing twenties, seems I should be having some kind of reflection back, out with the old goals (2kids by 30, 10yr anniversary, established home, home with the kids) and in with the new (?????). Well, while I'm wishing I could have time to think......I'm sitting here at work, midnight, covering (quite suddenly) a sleepover shift, (barely had time to run through some quick mini eskimo instructions for the gracious wedding singer who sprang to the rescue and is eskimo sitting for the night), after running late to pick up mini eskimo..get fish for the igloo...stick mini eskimo in the wash tub, then in the morning I'll be running off to mini eskimo's school to be snack mom (very suddenly also, thought he was done that for the year) and then running back to work to finish off the day. When is it a person is suppose to think? Right now I'm wasting away the few hours I have for sleeping by updating this blog so I think I'll stop blabbing and hit the sack.

Good night

Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Sun is Rising

Well, seems to take me time to get back to this blog. Mini Eskimo and I are settling into our new igloo, thanks to a lot of help from that there Wedding Singer. That mini Eskimo of mine decided to come down with tonsilitis the weekend we moved. Every time I turned around though, another room majically unpacked. There are benefits to living in the same city as the famous Wedding Singer. Everything got icier at the old fishing whole before it started to calm down. Things appear to be thawing out now and I'm counting the days to my big break, 3 weeks holiday time. I'm plenty tired of not taking the time that's coming to me, so ready or not, July 18th I ain't fishing for 3 whole weeks.

Well I'm kinda borrowing mister Wedding Singer's internet connection right now while he's stuck frying all the fish for a nice supper. Sounds like it's almost ready, time to go lend a hand and look helpful jsut on time for some good cooking (my kinda cooking is popping a frozen pizza in the oven, he says I real good at that but I guess he's hoping for real food tonight). It's always good to keep people around that can fill in for your weak spots!