Monday, October 01, 2007

Amazing what can change in a year!

I must say it does feel now that we have a complete family. Pieced together as we were, Roger just seems to secure us all in place.

Nothing like a 20lbs 5 month old to add joy and back aches to your life. Laughter and fatigue, smiles and laundry. Today we did a full clothing change, baby clean up, change table wash down, bouncy seat & exaursaucer clean up, topped off with a bath for Roger. Everyone needs a little extra excitement to their day now and then. He is very precious with his self made mohawk and squeals of delieght.

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Kentucky Red Squirrel said...

Hi kiddo! Tom and I don't Blogg much.. glad the family is budding . By the way....GREAT family. love ya all. Tom and Nancy