Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Somebody's Praying Me Through

Tonight I'm thinking about the new year ahead and the years that have past. Looking ahead to heading back to work, figuring out care for Roger, paying bills, financing home renovations, wondering how to fit in new tires, trying to plan for and anticipate extra expenses...... Then I think back to how far we've all come, myself and my family. Thinking about the hard times we've all had to face and the blessings that have been poured our way. It's all been reminding me of a song Brian has sung. It reminds us of what we don't see, what's going on around us that we may never know....

Pressing over me like a big blue sky
I know someone has me on their heart tonight
That's why I know, it's gonna be alright ‘Cause
Somebody's praying me through

It may be my Mother, it might be my Dad
Or an old friend I've forgot I had
But whoever it is I'm so glad that
Somebody's praying me through

Through the tears, through the rain
Through the sorrow, through the pain
It keeps bringing me through
Over and over again

So when you're drowning in a sea of hurt
And it feels like life couldn't get any worse
There's a blessing waiting to push back the curse ‘cause
somebody's praying you through

I heard from an old friend a week or so ago. She managed to track me down. We haven't seen each other in 20 years. She told me that for the past year and a half or so that I had been on her heart and that she had been praying for me. What a thought that someone out there, someone I would never have imagined, would be unselfishly praying me through the good and the bad times.


Jeannie said...

A good read...good thoughts.
Being prayed for through the hard times is something all of us need.
Thanks for sharing.

Mister Ed T said...

Thanks Sue! Others are praying too.

"Dat Wascally Wabbit" said...

Suzanne, thank you for posting this. Thank you for sharing your feelings straight from the heart.

Thank's to God also for caring about us, for putting us on other peoples hearts to pray for.

Eagle-eye Di said...

We love you all and pray for the Lord's everlasting love,guidence and endurance through your everyday,every hour existence.May the Lord help you and keep you in his loving arms in confort.

strider1971 said...

have be3en praying. and will continue to pray keep us updated

Mister Ed T said...

Tog, you're it